Photography 101 – How to Make the Most of Your Camera

Photography is the art of capturing a moment in time, whether it’s an exciting event or just some family pictures. It is an incredibly visual form of expression and can be used for many purposes from documenting life to scientific research and education.

Start by familiarizing yourself with your camera’s fundamentals and capabilities. With that knowledge, you can make the most of its capabilities to take stunning pictures that will leave you eager to take more photos!

Shutter Speed: The key to getting great photos is using the correct shutter speed for each shot. This will guarantee your photo is exposed correctly and that no light from your subject gets overexposed.

Adjusting the shutter speed until a picture is properly exposed can be done easily, and this can also be checked through live view preview on your camera’s LCD screen. A histogram is another useful tool when reviewing photos; it helps determine how well they have been exposed.

Perspective: There are many different angles to frame a photo and you don’t have to stick with the traditional straight-on shot or tight portrait. Try shooting from the side or through an object such as a fence or prop to capture something more unique and eye-catching.

Utilize Leading Lines: Natural lines found in nature, such as trees or fences, can be used to enhance a photo’s flow and reduce noise. They also create an aesthetic sense of symmetry which the human brain loves and is known to be able to detect.

Keep It Natural: Don’t over pose your subjects, otherwise they may appear stiff and staged. This is especially critical when taking portraits as it draws attention to wrinkles and fine lines on your subject’s skin.

Avoid Too Bright or Dim Light: When taking outdoor photos, it’s best to shoot when the light isn’t too harsh or there isn’t too much cloud cover. This will give you the best chance at avoiding harsh lighting and will also give your pictures a more organic and attractive appearance.

Learn How to Frame Your Photos Correctly: It can be easy to become too focused on one aspect of your photograph, which could make the composition appear too busy or overwhelming. This can be particularly dangerous if you are new to photography and don’t know how to set up the composition correctly.

The rule of thirds is an invaluable tool when taking photos, helping you achieve more balanced shots. To get the most out of it, learn how to utilize grid lines – which are typically included on most modern phones – for setting your composition correctly.

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