Delicious Local Foods to Order Online in Hyderabad

As soon as you hear the term ‘Hyderabad,” what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it Biryani? While there is no denying the fact that Biryani is the most iconic dish of Hyderabad, there is much more to the street food scene of the historic city. It is no surprise that the famous IT hub is full of culinary delights, whether you choose Qubani ka Meetha, Mirchi Salan, or Haleem.

In Hyderabad, you can easily opt for online food home delivery from reliable providers like Swiggy to enhance your dining experience while sitting in the comfort of your home. In the famous historic city, every restaurant tells its own story. Whether you are new to the city or simply curious about the street food scene of the city, you can order food online in Hyderabad from the best restaurants and famous street food centres to have a great experience.

Which Local Foods to Try in Hyderabad?

When in Hyderabad, there is something special about the inviting aroma of delicious street food that tends to tickle the divine flavours of natives and tourists alike. The classic local foods of Hyderabad command a special mention for a myriad of reasons. The historical city of Hyderabad houses several famous restaurants and iconic food stalls. 

If you are visiting Hyderabad, you can have a great time as you order food online from the best restaurants in the city. Here are some leading options:

  • Hyderabadi Biryani

Let us commence with the yummiest and the most sought-after dish in Hyderabad – Biryani. This famous dish is prepared with a classical blend of spices and succulent chicken pieces that will ultimately leave you wanting for more. The best news for veg-lovers is that you can also order Qabooli Biryani, the vegetarian version of the staple dish. 

As you look for the best places to order online food from in the city are Hotel Shadab, Meridian Café & Restaurant, and Shah Ghouse Restaurant. 

  • Hyderabadi Haleem

The scrumptious dish was introduced into the culinary scene of Hyderabad during the era of the Nizam rule. Haleem is quite a popular dish that has become quite famous in the local cuisines by including conventional ingredients. The use of classical local spices in the dish has transformed this culinary delight into the signature dish of the city.

The dish features meat, lentils, and pounded wheat. The ingredients are prepared into a thick stew. The dish is a complete delight to your taste buds. The famous dish is quite renowned across leading restaurants of the city. You can relish the local delight at the most sought-after places, including the Haleem House, Paradise Biryani, and GreenPark.

  • Phirni

Phirni is a popular sweet dish you can order online in Hyderabad from Swiggy. It is a special Ramadan sweet dish. The dish is prepared and served in a specialised clay pot. The aromatic rice as well as milk-based dessert is a scrumptious treat for your taste buds and even lightweight on your stomach.

The flavour-rich Phirni is the ideal dessert after you have had a heavy meal. Some of the best places to order this dish from are Shah Gouse Café & Restaurant and The Grand Trunk Road.

  • Boti Kebab

These scrumptious kebabs are all you require after you have had a tiring day at work and do not wish to prepare yourself a fuller meal. Made out of mutton minced with yogurt or juicy lamb, Boti Kebab sounds immensely mouth-watering to all.

If you adore spicy food, you can customize your order to include more chillies on top of the dish. In case you are looking for some happy food to boost your dull mood after a tiring day, you can order this delicious dish from famous eateries like Hotel Shadab, Bawarchi, and Paradise. 

  • Mirchi ka Salan

It is yet another delicious treat that is worth ordering when you are craving for something flavourful and spicy at the same time. The gravy of the dish is prepared with the help of staple ingredients like coconut, sesame seeds, and peanuts. However, the main ingredients of the dish are green chillies. 

The scrumptious dish is usually prepared with the help of spicy green chillies, quite common in Hyderabad. While the dish might not be as renowned as the classic Hyderabadi Biryani, still locals prefer having it on several occasions. Some of the sought-after destinations to order this dish from are Hotel Shadab, Hotel Nayaab, and Hotel Rumaan Restaurant.

  • Hyderabadi Chicken 65

Mouth-watering, scrumptious, and juicy, these are a few delicious terms that perfectly define this staple dish in the IT city. The deep-fried spicy chicken is garnished beautifully with onion and coriander leaves. It is one of the most delicious ways to commence your full-course meal whenever you order an entire meal in Hyderabad. 

The dish is a mass-pleaser as it has found its unique space across menus of famous restaurants of Hyderabad. In addition to being consumed as a delicious appetiser, the delicacy is also served as a side dish to a typical South Indian thali in eateries all around. Hyderabadi Chicken 65 tastes like heaven with rice & sambar or rice and rasam. You can place an order online from famous joints like Paradise, Bawarchi, and Hotel Tulips Grand.

  • Malai Korma

The scrumptious recipe is prepared with rich cream, juicy tomatoes, and whole spices. You can customize and order this dish with veggies, meat, or even eggs. Do not confuse the dish with the staple malai kofta. 

Malai Korma is a delightful recipe for vegetarians of the city as it is prepared using nutritious veggies like potatoes and others along with whole spices, herbs, and paneer. All of these ingredients are richly cooked in a creamy gravy. The dish is deliciously crispy on the outside while melting inside your mouth. Order this delicacy from famous restaurants in Hyderabad, including Dhana Estd 1986, Exotica Restaurants & Bar, and Tatva Restaurant.


Your mouth must be watering already! With a scrumptious dish to delight your palate, the historical city of Hyderabad has no dearth of places to order your favourite food online from. Make the most of your time here by ordering your favourite food online and getting it delivered right at your doorstep. 

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