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The Study of Material Culture

Material culture is the subset of the physical world which has been modified and created by humans. Unlike words, which are more flexible, material culture has an enduring effect on the people who own it. Often, material culture is the representation of cultural affiliations, social identity, roles, wealth, age, and status. Using the same metaphors and concepts as language, material culture can be used to build a parallel record of a culture’s past, present, and future.

The study of material culture can also reveal the power structure of society and reveal group values and individual identities. As an example, the great pyramids of Egypt served as a pathway between the real world and the afterlife for the dead Egyptian Kings. The purpose of these pyramids was to protect the bodies during their journey to the heavens. It was thus an essential part of the afterlife process. In this way, it was able to preserve a legacy that endures for centuries.

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The study of material culture can also investigate art, folk art, history, and technology. The Winterthur Museum and Country Estate have published numerous books and conference papers on material culture. These include books on ceramics, glass, architecture, and silver. The method of processual archaeology has also become increasingly popular as archaeologists seek to explain the evolution of cultures using a variety of technologies. While it may be more difficult to prove the technological aspects of material culture, the field has become a valuable research tool in the search for meaning. Please Visit For All Details Anewstories

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