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Medieval Literature

Medieval literature developed moral, ethical, and didactic contents. These genres grew into an epic and lyrical literature and further developed the use of verse. The rise of Christianity brought a return to Latin as the language of the Roman Empire, and the Christian Church acted as the traditional organization. Charlemagne supported the Roman-Germanic kingdoms, and the resulting empire was shaped by his armies. However, there is a dark side to medieval literature as well.

One example of a poem that explores the same theme is the French epic, The Song of Roland. The poem portrays a great knight of Charlemagne defending his country from the Saracens, while saving his comrades and the country. The poem was popular, and it was sung by the Norman troops during the Battle of Hastings. In addition to the epics, Chaucer wrote many stories about love and chivalry, as well as a variety of other topics. Click here for more updated Vegamovies

The development of the Romance language influenced medieval literature. Many great works of literature were based on Christian themes, such as the Crusades and the Gospels. Poetry was also common in early medieval times. Lyrics and epics were written by laypeople to appeal to a wider audience. In addition, the development of the novel and the Breton lais is another example of medieval literature. These genres often reflected the ideas of the church and the king. Plz Visit here for all about Newstory

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