Advances in Accounting

Advances in Accounting is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes high-quality articles that explore new areas of accounting research. Its mission is to foster knowledge and understanding within the accounting field by offering a platform for scholars to present their work openly, rigorously, and professionally.

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The journal publishes articles that explore both theoretical and applied aspects of accounting, with a special focus on research that impacts management decisions and business performance. Topics range from accounting theory to corporate finance, auditing, accounting information systems, taxation and financial reporting.

Social Issues and Accountants

The social environment has a profound effect on accountants, particularly in developing countries. Accounting can be particularly vulnerable to these effects which may have an enormous effect on their professional practice, decision making process and overall performance.

Ethics and Accounting

Ethics in accounting can be an essential topic for practitioners to consider, particularly when performing audits. This field of research could prove particularly helpful to regulators and policy makers working to enhance audit practices in their countries or regions.

Gender and Accounting

Gender has long been a topic of research in accounting, with numerous studies exploring differences between women and men and how these influences accountants’ behavior. This area of inquiry is especially crucial as it helps determine if there really are gender gaps in work environments or job expectations.

Diversity in Accounting

Studies have indicated that diversity initiatives can have beneficial effects on financial performance. This finding is especially pertinent, since many companies are now striving to diversify their workforces in order to attract and retain talent.

Sustainability and Accounting

Companies are increasingly addressing environmental problems by adopting “green” initiatives. This may involve using renewable energy or creating environmentally friendly products and services. Therefore, it’s essential to comprehend how these initiatives can be integrated into the accounting process so that information in annual reports and other reporting is not only accurate but also informative for investors.

Sustainability and Management

The relationship between sustainability and corporate management is of critical importance, as it can have a direct effect on profits and managers’ ability to control costs. That’s why research has examined how sustainability initiatives are integrated into management practices and what implications this may have for firm performance.

Environmental and Risk Management

In addition to environmental concerns, company management must also take into account other potential threats. That is why researchers have studied the relationship between environmental performance and disclosures in annual reports as well as how disclosure can be used to motivate investors to invest in eco-friendly companies.

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